About Us

<Rude> is an ideal guild for those wanting to complete cutting edge content at a competitive pace whilst on a more relaxed schedule. 

Guild History

Rude was created in 2010, as a remake of the successful strict 10 man guild Live and Let Die. With the announcement of mythic raiding in Warlords of Draenor, we were one of the few guilds to transition from 10 man to 20 man and not just maintain our raiding level, but vastly improve upon it. Since our World 460 Heroic Garrosh (10) we have continued to push ourselves further, achieving Mythic Blackhand (World 389) and Mythic Archimonde (World 292). During Legion we refined our raid team significantly, helping us achieve Mythic Kil'jaeden (World 174) and most recently Mythic Argus (World 162). We have come a very long way since Rude's beginnings and we will continue to focus on bettering ourselves every new tier.

After achieving [Hall of Fame: G'huun (Horde)] we decided to take a break from BFA raiding. However, as the final tier of BFA approaches we have decided to raid once again, albeit with a slightly more relaxed attitude and raid schedule.

Bronze Dragonflight

Bronze Dragonflight is a medium population server connected with Nordrassil-EU. Whilst there are certainly higher population servers out there, through a strong core team and leadership Rude has remained stable here for many many years. A lot of us even appreciate having a quieter server with a larger sense of community - it's also nice being able to play the game faultlessly upon expansion release. (:


Raiding and Community

On progression, we raid from 20:00-23:00 server time on Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday. During tiers we often set up optional alt raids on Saturdays for those interested in keeping alts up to date.

After progression has ended, we cut down our main raid schedule based on how long it takes us to re-clear. In the last tier of the expansion we set up optional raids where appropriate to raid test on beta. Some of our members are quite actively testing new content and dungeons on there as well.

Raiding aside, Rude's members also take part in mythic plus dungeons, whether that's pushing high keys or completing weekly 15s on people's many alts. Outside of WoW we have a very active discord where our team socialises a lot. Our raid members certainly play other games too, depending on what's currently popular outside of WoW.

Twitch & Contact

Particularly during progress, we have a number of members who like to stream our progression on twitch.tv. This gives people the chance to see our raid atmosphere and progression environment.

If you are interested in speaking with an officer, please add Jerb#2797. Alternatively, whisper any of our members in-game and ask for an officer. We look forward to hearing from you.